Will & Co. – The New Faces of America

The second in a series of One Person Shows presented by Will & Company, THE NEW FACES OF AMERICA uses the original format to present stories which stretch the issue of diversity to include social topics as well as multicultural ideas. Like its predecessor, THE NEW FACES is a 65 minute, one woman show presenting characters (taken from real interviews) of 7 incredibly different backgrounds.

Groundbreakingly contemporary, THE NEW FACES examines current issues which relate to people all across the country through a multi-media experience that merges video presentations with a live performer, making it an exciting and fast-paced edu-tainment piece like no other!

In addition to the performance, we interact with the audience in a post-show discussion, which gives us the ability to engage in the subject matter at hand.

In this 65 minute live one person show, you will hear the stories of:

  • A Female Biracial College Student
  • A Southern Gay Minister
  • A Young Female Veteran from the Iraq War
  • A Native American Teenage
  • A Young Migrant Worker
  • An Appalachian College Student
  • A Deaf African-American

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