Platanos, Collard Greens Y CALLALOO.

Platanos is a thought-provoking romantic comedy that tactfully addresses stereotypes, prejudices and urban myths that exist between African Americans and Latinos, within the context of Hip-Hop, humor, and satire. The play impels the audience to evaluate pervasive stereotypes. Platanos humorously displays these common, yet outrageous, viewpoints while deftly shooting them down and poetically exposing them as misrepresentations of reality. The audience while laughing out loud, is likely to question conventional attitudes held about themselves and others.

Come see this hilarious tale of love, family drama and politics. You think Angelita’s mom was hard on Freeman, wait till you see what happens the first time Pops met Freeman’s Jamaican mother! If you think OK and Nilsa made you laugh before, now you will laugh till it hurts when they set out to become Soca’s biggest stars! She still wants to know ‘What’s Wrong With The Chocolate” but will Malady fall under the love spell of a young Machel Montano wanna be?

Audiences fell in love with Platanos Y Collard Greens because it made them laugh out loud and believe in love. Now Platanos, Collard Greens Y Callaloo will make you laugh even harder and believe in love even more!

Come stand up and cheer at the power of love.