Warrior Writers

There are hundreds of thousands of veterans living among us. Though we interact with them in everyday life, many civilians are unaware of the ways in which servicemen and women are suffering and how difficult it is to adapt to being home again.

This unique program combines spoken word, poetry, visual arts and workshops given by returning veteran artists.

Warrior Writers is a veteran-focused arts organization that fosters artistic exploration as a creative tool through which we understand and transcend experiences of trauma and emotional disruptions that are not easily identified but constantly felt. Warrior Writers offers performances and workshops that combine visual arts, poetry and spoken word that witness veteran experiences and bridge the distance in understanding for civilian audiences and participants.

Through artistic exploration, veterans better understand, communicate, and transcend their personal, cultural, and military experiences. By reflecting and creating in a comfortable and open space, through performance and workshops Warrior Writers encourage and support healing and community building. These workshops are centered around building healthy relationships between service members/veterans and civilians. Some areas of learning and exploration include veterans’ issues/experiences, Post Traumatic Stress, guidance on positive ways to engage veterans, etc. We utilize creative writing/art-making, dialogue, participatory learning and active listening processes as well as artwork of veterans/soldiers to guide discussions.

Some areas of focus and exploration include addressing Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) by taking ownership of past experiences, relearning the body as a creative tool, creating veteran artistic communities, and offering guidance on positive ways to engage veterans. We utilize creative writing/art-making, dialogue, participatory learning and active listening processes as well as referencing and interpreting veteran artwork to guide discussions.

We are taking a proactive approach to understanding the returning vet who is sitting in your classroom, your office, your neighbor.

Warrior Writers has 3-4 experienced performers ready at any given time to perform at your university. Past performances have typically been produced as multi-media performances, combining music, photography, spoken word, and movement. The length and range of the performance can be tailored to the program and its funding.