Bobby Seale

With in the last fifteen years the demise of several sixties left radical icons [including Huey P. Newton’s death in August of 1989; Abbie Hoffman 1991; Jerry Reubin in 1993, Eldridge Cleaver and Quame Turea in 1998 and now Dave Dellinger in 2004], Bobby Seale, in effect, has become one of the last surviving architects of one of the most important social change movements in American and African American history.

Speaking togeather at some events Bobby Seale and his wife Leslie take to the stage with their lively charismatic and activist eloquence. Mr. and Ms. Seale illuminate the true sixties birth and youthful intelligentsia of the Black Panther Party. Spelling out the pragmatic unknown philosophical range of the sixties protest movement, [“which grew out of student activism, historical class analysis, scientific research, and programmatic community organizing. NOT street-life hooliganism as political conservatism continues to distort”].

Mr. Seale and his former BPP wife transport the audience back to the mini-civil-war turbulence of the late sixties and early seventies. A time when the civil-rights protest and anti-Vietnam war activism of hundreds of thousands of protesters of many different ethnic groups included more than five thousand young Black men and women selling hundreds of thousands of “THE BLACK PANTHER” weekly newspapers.

Black Panther Party members were college students who created tangible grass roots community programs and registered multi thousands to vote. They established free breakfast for children and free health clinics all across the USA. They also ran for political office for what was then profoundly progressive social change.

With law books in their hands and “legal” guns handy for self defense, in the beginning days, they patroled and observed racist police: putting thier lives on the line. A stand against vicious overt racist attacks on peaceful demonstrators and brutality of poor people of color. Our American history. Today such grass roots organizing is unheard of.

“Today you don’t need guns!” charges Bobby Seale. “If you want to observe police brutality use the technology. Network with a thousand camcorders and put it all on the internet! And with it organize to create realistic peoples economic parity & greater “direct” democracy complete with community control of police and economics.”

Social change? “Organizationally we must learn to think and act with a …polylectic nonlinear view.” Why? Because today we live in an over developed, fast-paced globalized high-tech computerized scientific social order. Our ideas, beliefs, understanding and realizations must correspond correctly to reality. Teaching our youth the same for all peoples earthly human liberation.”

Defining themselves as a “revolutionary humanist” Seale and his wife Leslie bring the 60’s protest movement era full circle showing how times have changed. How we must reach for the future: Protest, organize peoples programs, and evolve a profoundly progressive society with greater direct [participatory] community control democracy: Void of racist, bigoted or chauvinistic practices. Void of war mongering and all the extremes of avaricious exploitation. Complete with a profound cyber-space science based activism. Polylectically realizing and understanding how all civil-human rights issues today are interconnected, interdependent, intertwined, and interrelated with all our ecological environmental problems, the new millennium political issues and global economics.