Francesca Rossi


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After surviving one of the nation’s most sensationalized cases of cyberstalking,  Francesca Rossi became “Victim 1” in the ongoing fight to legislate and prosecute the growing epidemic of digital violence and digital domestic abuse. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Francesca has worked in the field of mental health and substance abuse for over 16 years. Her story educates about ways to protect yourself from online abuse and stalking, it also frightens as you learn of how easy technology is turned into a tool for domestic violence.

The intimate partner violence Francesca experienced included all forms of abuse that can exist within a weaponized technology – non consensual photography (aka “revenge porn”), sextortion, swatting, doxxing, surveillance, stalking, harassment, defamation, impersonation. These crimes were not recognized by the legal system and continued to progress. Until the escalation brought the FBI to her front door. Francesca had been framed by her abuser for sending 12 hoax bomb threats, in 8 different states, against the Jewish Community.


Francesca has always been organizing to end violence against women, but her own experience of abuse has shifted her advocacy to support other survivors. She is here to stop the stigma around digital violence and help create compassion and coping tools for those that experience these forms of abuse. Francesca is using her story of surviving domestic violence and domestic terrorism as a mobilization tool to help create awareness around the emotional impact of the trauma that extends past the online world.