Lee Mun Wah

For the past twenty years, StirFry Seminars has revolutionized
the field of diversity through its internationally acclaimed films and
seminars. Over 30 million viewers worldwide have seen The Color of
Fear, as well as many of the other groundbreaking films produced and
directed by Lee Mun Wah, StirFry’s founder, CEO and Master Trainer. In
1995 Oprah Winfrey produced a one-hour special on Lee Mun Wah’s life
and the impact of The Color of Fear.

Lee Mun Wah founded the company in 1986 after realizing that many
diversity companies did not address the issues of conflict, anger and
hurt. He also wanted to teach communication skills and awareness from
a more eastern and Buddhist approach. In addition, he also felt that
his community documentaries could be of tremendous impact in promoting
the need for compassion and understanding when dealing with diversity
issues such as race, gender, sexual preferences and heterosexism.

Thousands of participants from educational, government,
corporate, and social service agencies have taken StirFry’s trainings
and seminars. They are recognized by many of the top 500 corporations
as having one of the most outstanding cross-cultural and
communications training programs for managers, supervisors, H.R. and
top administrative executives. Clients such as Corning, NASA, Best
Buy, Whirlpool, and IBM have all resounded with praise and awe at
having participated in some of the most life changing and phenomenally
useful trainings of their experience.

StirFry Seminars & Consulting is represented by a
multicultural staff of trainers and facilitators from a variety of
professional backgrounds and diversity expertise.

They each have years of experience working with corporations,
government agencies, educational institutions, and various social